My name is Julianne and I love reading! I read everyday as a form of therapy to keep the ghosts in my head at bay. That’s another story though. If I’m reading I’m not stressing and my brain is occupied. Enjoyment and a coping mechanism in one, total win!

I read mainly paranormal books as I find those keep me occupied the most. ‘Straight’ books just don’t do that and my mind wanders. However, paranormal books are just straight books with extras, an extra dimension if you will.

I get so many emails about books that I thought it would be good to share some of the love and support the authors at the same time. So here I’ll be posting free and discounted books. As well as author or publisher giveaway news. Basically a select and combined share of what I receive. It’ll be mainly paranormal but I will share some romance, thrillers, suspense and mysteries along the way especially if it’s something fabulous.

Warning: some books will definitely be for the 18+ crowd and contain strong language and/or explicit sex scenes. As I’m not a fan of those I won’t be focusing on them but I may make a remark in passing. So, if that’s your thing you won’t get the inside gossip on that from me. Just saying

Hope you enjoy!


J xx