Great Sites for Freebies

This might end up as a running list that gets updated. It’s sort of a, my secret freebie finder list. Some aren’t all free but discounted too. I hope you won’t just grab the freebie and run but stay with the author and support them by reading their other books. When I find an author I like I binge read everything in their catalogue, starting with the series after the freebie, then everything else. It’s not fair to just grab their freebie and run. Always, always support the independent artists of all genres!
This site is a mix of freebies and discounts. It really really wants to get you to subscribe but if you’re persistent you can skip that and get to the books. Their emails are good though and give you the cover, synopsis and different country links to Amazon so no bouncing round websites to get to the book you want. You get a mix of genres in the email, so again you have to be persistent to find a book you like. It would be great if you could sign up just for specific genres though. 

Reading Deals
This is a sign-up only website but the good thing is you get tailored email right to your inbox. 

You can get freebies and deals by signing up for their newsletter or just browsing their site. This one you can tailor to your favourite genres and get them emailed to you. You can also follow authors here and get updates on their deals. 

Paranormal and Urban Fantasy Bargains
There’s two newsletters you can sign up for one for bargains and one for freebies. 

RR Book Deals
Lots of options here including free, free with KU and sales. You can sign up for their VIP newsletter and get the deals right to your inbox. 


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