Hi and welcome to Jewels Book Goodies. I’m an avid reader averaging a book a day. Insomnia can do that lol. I’m a firm supporter of indie artists of all types and thought it would be good to support the lovely indie authors who work so hard to get their books out there. Without them I would be a very sad reader and have nothing to occupy my brain. So I thought I’d do a little blog so others can read their work and find some bargains at the same too.

I’ll post freebies, sales, releases, reviews and anything else I find interesting along the way. I’ll try to keep it short and sweet so it won’t take up too much of your time and mine. I hope you’ll find some great books, authors and series. If you find an author you like please sign up for their newsletters and give them some support.

Also, a big big thing I’d really like you all to do is review what you read! Amazon and Goodreads are a must. This way you are helping them get the word out about their books. They’re independent and mostly do all the hard work themselves as well as paying for everything themselves. No big publishing houses to help them and fund them. It’s a way to pay it forward and do some good in the world! Support them all you can!

Julianne x

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