If you like PNR this is a must!

If you like your PNR intense, action filled with lots of hot men then this is definitely for you! This is my review I posted as an ARC reader for Anya Nowlan…

Wow! What an intense ride! It starts with an explosion and the action just keeps on coming! If you loved Anya’s ‘Shifter Squad Six’ books then you will absolutely adore this. It’s set in the same shifter world as Squad 6 but this squad is more messed up aka the ‘Suicide Squad’. Even their leader calls the, psychotic! It is none stop! A tale of separated mates and the tragedy that ensues and their way back to each other. Way better than an action movie!

I grieved when shifter squad six finished but little did I know this world would continue with another squad. I was so happy when my ARC arrived. If you’ve not read shifter squad six. Then I suggest you binge read those first. You need to and I hope you thank me for it. You’ll also learn to loath Spade. 

It’s 99p over on Amazon at the mo. Don’t know if or when that will change. 

If, like me, you get to love Anya’s work here’s her website. Sign up for her newsletter and keep updated and show some love. You can also find her on Twitter here


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