Loads of Freebies!

New year seems to have brought even more freebie goodies for us to read. Because there’s quite a few I’ll keep it brief with each one.


The Vampire Hunter’s Daughter: Part 1: The Beginning

Kindred – Kindred Series – Book 1 – Nicola Claire

Weirdly another book of the same name, same genre, also free first in series…

Kindred – Kindred Series – Book 1 – Erica Stevens

Now I don’t normally let you know of freebies that aren’t book one in a series but this one’s book 1 is free on KU so I’ll make an exception 😊. 

Shrouds of Darkness – Brooklyn Shadows – Book 1 – Brock Deskins Free on KU

Blood Conspiracy – Brooklyn Shadows – Book 2 – Brock Deskins

Eternal Ever After – Ever After Series – Book 1 – A. C. James


Heart of the Lion – Six Pack – Book 1 – Thanika Hearth

Brawn of the Bear – Six Pack – Book 2 – Thanika Hearth

Dragon Blue – A Lie that’s True – Dragon Lords of Xandakar – Book 1 – Macy Babineau

Let there be Dragons Boxset – Catherine Vale

Hero – Wolves of Angels Rest – Book 1 – Elsa Jade


Wicked Good Witches 1-3

Somebody Tell Aunt Tillie She’s Dead


Damian’s Oracle – War of Gods – Book 1 – Lizzie Ford

Damian’s Assassin – War of Gods – Book 2 – Lizzy Ford


Emperor’s Edge Collection – Lindsay Buroker


Keeper vs Reaper


Rise of a Guardian


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