Saved by a Dragon Review!

I’m not one to do great lengthy reviews, I don’t believe in regurgitating the synopsis or the book so if that’s the type of review you like you won’t find them here. 

Saved by a Dragon – Exiled Dragons – Book 1 – Sarah J Stone
“I just saw a dragon flying near the freeway.” Amy, a radio personality, is rather surprised to get that call. Having an investigative journalism background she just can’t let it go and has to check things out for herself. Things don’t exactly go smoothly but she certainly gets her answer. This follows the, at times, turbulent story of Amy and her dragon. It’s a great read. It’s well paced with a fab writing voice. Great to curl up to and read. If you like a little dragon with your romance then it’s for you. 

This is the first time I think I’ve said this but I really wish I’d read the prequel prior to book 1. I really felt like I was missing part of the story without it. Still it’s worth a read. 

Saved by a Dragon is 99p over on Amazon at the moment. 


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