A New World of Shifters!


I was asked to review this by the author and I was really blown away by the totally unique world she’d built. Whole new concept on shifter paranormal romance. Here’s my review.

What a fabulous start to a series. As a Brit, I love how it’s set in London as so few books are set in England. It’s also has a unique premise. 

These aren’t strictly good guys. There’s a cat burglar, thief, an ex marine also a genius hacker. A crazy mix of people who all come together for one thing, to make London better and help people. Sort of like superheroes. 

Things though aren’t going to plan and they run into trouble from both sides of the law. They’re working as bodyguards to make ends meet and make a name for themselves. One thing they struggle with is a name for their ‘pack’. Their first bit of trouble comes in the form of a cat burglar/thief for hire who turns out to be Liza who instantly gets the attention of Cole their leader and sparks fly. 

A well thought out plot, world and story arc. Characters are believable and endearing. Grabs you in and makes you want more!

It’s 99p at the moment too or free in kindle unlimited. 


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