Fancy Being a ARC Reviewer or Beta Reader?


This is a great site if you fancy getting involved with either the creative process (beta reading) or helping the authors get their books out there (reviewing). It’s a multi-genre site which sends you emails when there’s book available to review. You simply choose which one or more you want to review and click the link provided. Then you request the book following the link and form. When you sign up for the newsletter it gives you options to say whether you are interested in reviewing and/or beta reading. 

When you review, new books especially, it drives Amazon to start promoting the books. This is essential, especially for independent authors. Of course it does help readers too. Reviewing is a great way to support independent authors, so, think before you skip the rating and review at the end of a book. If you can always review both on Amazon and Goodreads. 

When u review ARCs on Amazon you must now put in a disclaimer, something like this:

‘I received a free copy of this book.’ or ‘I received a free copy but voluntarily reviewed.’


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