Vampire and Witch Freebie!

Blood Huger – Deathless Night Series – Book 1 – L E Wilson
Blurb: He’s a vampire with an insatiable desire.

She’s a witch who can quench his thirst.  

Ever since the night her sister disappeared, Emma Moss is plagued by nightmares, refusing to believe that her sister is really gone. Just when she’s exhausted all resources and hope, a sexy stranger claims to have the clues Emma’s needed all along. 

Nikulas Kreek will do anything to find his brother. And teaming up with a feisty witch with killer looks is just an added bonus. As their undeniable attraction intensifies, Nik and Emma can’t ignore the pull between them. After one taste, Nik knows that he’ll never be the same. Emma Moss belongs to him – and only him. Now, Nik just needs to protect Emma from their enemies and find their missing siblings. 

But can he save her from the one thing that may ultimately destroy her – himself?

As always check prices before buying and support the author if you like their work!


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